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Small white equipment for hair and body maintenance. Trimmers, hair dryer and hairdryers at affordable prices. B & d Trading Ltd. has been a partner of the world-renowned Remington brand for over 10 years. 2 years international warranty.
Remington HC4000 clipper
Hair clipper Remington HC4000
Hair clipper Remington HC3000
Hair dryer with attachments Remington D5017
Hair straightener Remington S6755 Manchester United Edition
Epilator Remington EP7500 5in1 Remington
Facial cleanser FC500 Remington
Hair straightener Keratin Protect Intelligent S8598 Remington
Set of hair straightener and hair dryer D3012GP Remington
Multifunctional trimmer for body, hair or beard Remington PG5000
Precision hair and beard clipper Remington HC7110
Body epilator 7in1 EP7700 Remington Smooth & Silky
Body epilator 3in1 Remington EP7300 Smooth & Silky
Hairstyle set with attachment for curls, spirals and waffles Remington S8670
Manicure and pedicure set MAN3000 Set Pro Remington
Combined hair, body and beard trimmer PG4000 G4 Graphite Remington
Combined trimmer for beard, hair and body PG3000 G3 Remington
Combined trimmer for beard, hair and body PG2000 G2 Remington
Beard trimmer model MB055 Remington Manchester United Edition
Beard trimmer model MB050 DURABLADE combo Remington