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Hair straighteners

In our store you can choose from many different hair appliances. We offer you the best quality hairpins at a low price. Here you will find all the necessary things to perfect your hair. We offer you Remington hair straighteners. Their hair presses have a quality ceramic tile finish, rounded edges and guides for easier curling, 2 times smoother gliding and 3 times more durable results. Our hair presses are manufactured according to new technologies and are equipped with a digital display of 150 ° to 230 ° C. For better hair styling, hair presses have a temperature lock, quick heating for 15 seconds, 110mm long and narrow plates, shoulder lock for convenient storage, self-shut down after 60 seconds. We have taken care of your convenience as the presses have a 3-meter cable with anti-twist system. The hair presses you will find with us are at affordable prices that you can afford and get a guarantee. You can also find hair straighteners that are innovative and are still on the market. Only you will find the world's first hair press with patented Remington Shine Therapy Hair Moisturizer. It has a ceramic coating for even temperature distribution, a built-in hair dampening system and a dry-proof system, movable to the casing plates for even strain on the strands. Speaking of technology, the hair press has digital temperature control with LCD display. In addition to technology and innovation, the press impresses with speed and reaches operating temperature for 30 seconds and auto-off automatically after 60 minutes. It has a feature to quickly reach the maximum temperature, lock the plates during storage, to lock the temperature during use. When ordering this hair press, you will receive a thermal storage bag. Everything we offer you is at the highest level and you are guaranteed!
Hair straightener Remington S4740 Shea Soft
Drying and Styling Brush Remington AS8810
Hair straightener Remington S7970
Hair straightener Remington S6755 Manchester United Edition
Hair straightener Keratin Protect Intelligent S8598 Remington
Set of hair straightener and hair dryer D3012GP Remington
Hair curler Ci95 Pearl Wand Remington
Ladies hair curler hydra luxe Remington Ci89H1
Hair curler Remington Ci5318 Keratin Protect
Women's hair straightener with hair color protection S8605 Remington Advanced Color Protect
Comfortable women's hair press Remington S9100 PROLUXE
Straightening and curling hair straightener S6606 Remington Curl and Straight Confidence
Ladies hair press HYDRA luxe S8901 Remington
Ladies hair press Mineral Glow S5408 Remington
Ladies hair press Keratin Protect S8540 Remington
Hair straightening brush CB7400 Remington
Ladies hair press S3580 Remington
Ladies hair press set S3505GP Remington
Ladies hair clip Remington PRO-Ion Straight S7710
Ladies hair straightener, curling and straightening Remington S6500