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Men, today we turn to you! Are you tired of your tedious minutes of shaving with standard disposable razors, which even have 5 or 10 blades, are never comfortable enough and often cause multiple cuts. We have a unique suggestion for you - the electric razor! It is convenient and easy to use. With modern models, every man will enjoy the speed with which he will shave. Modern models offer both species and price variety. You can easily find some models of the prestigious Braun brand at a price of just 70lv. We offer some convenient and preferred models. The available models in our e-shop offer very convenient extras. The electric shaver will not hinder shaving with unnecessary, constantly twisting cables. It is equipped with a rechargeable battery, but you can also choose the current mode. Full battery charge time is 1 to 8 hours, and for fast charging, which is enough for 1 shave, it takes only 5 minutes. In fully charged mode, the battery allows the razor to run for 30 minutes. without interruption. It will not take you more than 5 minutes. and the shaving itself. That's perfect! Without painful cuts and irritations on the skin! You will be amazed by the good results - your skin will be smoothly shaved in minutes. A convenient advantage is the ability to clean the electric shaver under a stream of running water. Modern technology of the electric shaver allows this without damaging the mechanism of the mechanism. Most electric shaver today are equipped with a super fast motor for faster and more effective shaving. You will also find a trimmer for longer hair or for baccards. Upon purchase, you get your shaver in a convenient pouch with a brush to clean. This allows the product to be easily portable and practical even when traveling. We offer the products depending on the model and the price with a warranty of two to five years. Order online or by phone!
Facial cleanser FC500 Remington
Beard trimmer model MB050 DURABLADE combo Remington