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Regardless of the figure every lady should izgledzha stilno.V section maxi fashion we have collected over 500 articles aimed at the ladies large. Variety is podobavashta- coats in large sizes, ladies plus size ladies tunics, skirts, plus size ladies, formal and casual dresses in maxi size XXL size sets, pants and wedges to XXXXL size, jackets and vests, tights and pantyhose for big ladies even and lingerie for plus size clothes in sizes up to 105E. Clothing can be ordered in individual sizes of the customer as this needs size of bust, waist, hips and height of the client. The fabrics are elastic as the patterns are consistent with characteristic maxi figure. In section underwear have created entire collections plus size lingerie with podgradna to 105 and cup bra to size. In lingerie, plus size ladies used primarily soft lace and elastic fabrics. In another section of the store, plus size ladies BG-LOOK.COM are available for sale Tights in large sizes. Welcome to one of the most richly charged shops plus size fashion and clothes large in Bulgaria BG-LOOK.COM
Women's elegant asymmetric tunic and trouser set in fine pipit fabric Avangard
Brocade Maxi Tights 1012
Maxi bikini body color 1011
Maxi bra without panels 1010
Women's maxi tights 100 DEN for pregnant women
2 3
Women's maxi tights 30 DEN model 1013
Women's maxi tights 100 DEN model 1009
Set of 2 pairs of socks maxi fashion 15 DEN model 84
Thigh protectors with lace maxi underwear 81
Women's maxi tights 20DEN on small dots 67
Elegant maxi figure socks 20DEN 59
Elegant maxi socks 20DEN on dots 58
Elegant maxi socks with lace 15DEN 54
Elegant maxi tights 60DEN without foot 53
Elegant maxi tights 60DEN full heel 52
6 7 8
Elegant maxi tights 40 day perla 51
6 7
Women's tights black color 20DEN 50
3 4 6 7 8
Maxi tights beige color full with heel 1008
Maxi tights black color with lace 40DEN 1007
Maxi tights black color 20DEN 1006