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Medallions and Pendants

Jewels are known since ancient times by then been in the form of amulets and talismans. For them, it was believed that protect against bad powers and curses and so widely acclaimed. And while in the past they were made of shells and shell, today different types of pendants, rings and earrings are made of different precious and base metals, precious and semi-precious stones, coral and synthetic materials. You can see that diversity is truly great! Thanks medallions and various types of pendants you can show your individuality and demonstrate their specific views. In our online store you can enjoy the unique models of brands such as Kuyumdizhev / Kuiumdjiev and others. All are handmade and original design. Most of the models intertwine the modern style and authenticity. We offer a special certificate, thanks to which you can be sure that your model is authentic. Materials are high-quality workmanship and a set of silver or other metal and ceramic. Our proposals are indeed numerous, ensuring that it will stop some of the model. Forms of medallions go through round, heart, square, cross and reach any non-standard forms that will surely attract your eyes. All models have two faces, which makes them even more interesting and attractive. Quality of materials for production and proven guarantee you will not regret if you shop with us. It's also a really good gift idea for your family and will certainly cause a lot of pleasant emotions. These unique models medallions you can order just us and at incredible prices! Among other things, the delivery to anywhere in the country is completely free, which will allow you to save a lot of money. You just want to look at the diversity of models and with a few clicks you can get a selection. Trust us and bring a lot of style and elegance with our medallions!
Designer necklace with prehistoric orthoser with jasper and agate FW2116
Necklace in three rows mix of stones - agate, jasper and pearls FW2101