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Jewelry - a great women's gift for any occasion - anniversary, wedding or event. Silver jewelry or jewelry with pearls. Necklaces, bracelets and earrings made of pearls, semi-precious stones and silver.
Figurine with rose decoration Swarovski crystals RY090
Figurine with the inscription I love you, decoration Swarovski crystals RY086
Fairy figurine with Swarovski crystals decoration RY026
Women's earrings with stones turquoise, amethyst and agate FW2115
Women's designer earrings with turquoise, amethyst and agate FW2114
Women's earrings with jasper stones, bronze, pearls and agate FW2113
Women's earrings with stones amazonite, jade and jasper FW2111
Women's earrings with stones amazonite, jade and agate FW2110
Women's bracelet mix of stones jasper, agate, lava and pearls FW2108
Women's bracelet mix of agate, jade, jasper and lava FW2107
Long necklace with amethyst, turquoise, lazurite and agate FW2106
Designer women's necklace with amethyst, turquoise and other semi-precious stones FW2105
Elegant designer necklace in three rows with semi-precious stones FW2103
Women's long necklace with semi-precious stones - jasper, agate, pearls, bronze and lava FW2102
Women's designer necklace with jasper, turquoise, ebony and ammonite FW2117
Designer necklace with prehistoric orthoser with jasper and agate FW2116
Necklace in three rows mix of stones - agate, jasper and pearls FW2101
My Happy Blue Garden Necklace With Real Flowers Dannyra Jewels
Green Oriental Queen Necklace With Real Orchid Dannyra Jewels
Pink Dream Necklace With Real Rose, Cloisonne Beads, Pearls and Swarovski Crystals Dannyra Jewels