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Ladies elegant shoes

Elegant women's shoes are one of the favorite shoes every woman, because they are the first open shoes, which she put on her for the new spring-summer season, more so elegant women's shoes are always very stylish and beautiful and suggest wearing a holiday or -special occasion. Not that many of us women do not wear elegant shoes and everyday life. Many women just love perfect vision every day and it is most easily achieved with beautiful ladies high-heeled shoes. It is these we of BG-Look are organized in an easy to use catalog to allow every woman to enjoy a superb variety and choose the most beautiful shoes for yourself. Here you will see the latest models for this season elegant women's shoes, which feature bright attractive vision, an aggressive design and bold combinations of both fabrics and colors. As the leading fashion lines in the world established themselves for the coming season a gritty models ladies shoes with very high heels and additional height of the stable platform. It is this line offers Bulgarian brand Tendenz, to respond adequately to the dictates of contemporary fashion. We have collected some of the most beautiful models in its our online store to allow any woman to get in touch with current trends for elegant women's shoes. Another special feature of today's modern elegant women's shoes, is the presence of bright and interesting colors to make your shoes emphasis in the overall clothing. And in this respect we are well complied selected models shoes for you. Here you will find elegant shoes in bright pink, blue and even yellow, but even more interesting are the models that combine such bright colors in one. In terms of materials, it is the diversity of the party - will this year I met suede and leather - matte or patent in most models elegant ladies' shoes.
Women's black natural leather sandals ERIKA01BLACK
Women's black natural leather sandals 17101-02BLACK
36 37
Women's elegant black low heel shoes 1714BLACK
Women's platform shoes in black natural leather 1608B
37 39
Women's extravagant shoes with snakeskin effect in blue 792-14
Elegant women's high heel sandals 9 cm in red color 20820RED
36 37 39
Elegant women's high heel shoes 9 cm in black leather with ribbon 19140BLACK
36 39 40
Women's shoes elegant high heel 9 cm with snakeskin effect 19005-01SNAKE
Women's shoes elegant high heel 9 cm red genuine leather 19122RED
39 40
Women's shoes high heel 7 cm black leather 19005-01
36 37 39
Women's blue shoes high heel 9 cm patent 917100-5
37 38 39
Women's black high heel 9 cm suede shoes 917100-2
36 38
Ladies elegant shoes in black color low heel ARIZONA6
Ladies formal shoes with open toes and high heels 3287BLUE
35 36 38
Ladies formal shoes with open toes and high heels 3287BLACK
36 37
Ladies formal shoes in burgundy with duck heel 9121BORDO
38 39
Women's formal shoes with thin heel 458-70
Women's formal shoes in red with duck heel 99896RED
36 37 38
Women's black high heel shoes with decoration 0119564
Women's Black High Heel Shoes 0132185