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BG-Look is one of the most popular online stores in Bulgaria, offering products for the overall look of men and women and their children. Here you will find the greatest variety in terms of shoes, especially men's. This is an enviable advantage for most men, as many find it difficult to find and choose their own shoes, especially when it comes to summer models. It is in this category - for Men's sandals, that you will find a treasure trove of all kinds of men's sandals that will meet your expectations for some really comfortable light summer shoes. Here you will find numerous models of men's sandals in different styles and designs, in a variety of colors and fabrics. We at BG-Look offer you the opportunity to choose from sportier models men's sandals or those with a more elegant look, suitable for more stylish summer clothing. The sports mens sandals we offer are branded KangaROOS, which is known for its quality workmanship and reliable materials. The models of this brand are made of comfortable and quality genuine leather, which will provide you comfort and coolness on hot days. They are also available in several basic colors - black, brown and beige to meet the needs and aspirations of any man who needs sandals for the summer. The same applies to the other models of men's sandals that you will find with us. They come in options with a more elegant look. The colors are still the classic most men prefer - black and beige base. The more stylish models of men's sandals are quite adequate to wear in the summer with more stylish men's clothing. They resemble summer shoes in the holes and create a very pleasant feeling of lightness and coolness that men most need. As the more practical of the two sexes, comfort for men always comes first. That is why we, in our proposals for men's sandals, have put it in the foreground!
Brown men's slippers 142ANTRACIT
Men's sandals made of genuine leather in black color 12176-50-1
Men's sandals made of natural leather in black color and blue insole 142BLACK
Men's natural leather sandals in light brown color 014ANTRACIT
Men's natural leather sandals in brown color 71173CAFE
41 42 45
Men's orthopedic sandals genuine leather ORTHOBROWN
Men's clogs natural leather VIHRENBEIGE
Men's sandals in black with vecro 21365
40 41
Men's black leather sandals with velcro fasterning 19254
40 41
Men's blue leather sandals with 33708
40 44
Men's black and brown anatomic leather sandals
Men's brown suede leather sandals