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Occasion dresses

In our shop you can buy dresses. Here you can find a wide variety of dresses suitable for all occasions such as weddings, prom, dinner and more. You can choose from our extensive catalog with all dresses and choose the most suitable for you. Here you will find a wide variety of models. Here you can find both dresses for dinner and a suitable ball gown. You can choose from many models - long or short dresses with long or short sleeves with straps or bustier. You can choose a suitable dress for warm days and the cool nights. Here you will find a wide variety of dresses from which to choose. You can choose from a wide range of colors. Here you can find the right color for strictly formal dress - the black color and dresses in blue, gray, red and other colors. Chose the color black for dinner or occasion that requires strict clothing or just a cocktail party where you want to be more elegant. Multicolored dresses may prefer to prom night, because that is where you need to show your personality or wedding if you want to be unique and prevlechete attention (of course, not to mention if you are a bride, and if you are a guest at a wedding). Some of the dresses are complete with scarves or links, which can remove at any time. Materials from which they are made dresses are quality - satin, lace, polyester. Accessories dresses are from eco materials. Dresses, which you will find in our store at affordable prices everyone can afford. We welcome your orders around the clock in our website or by telephone from 10h to 19h.
Women's evening dress in mint color with large flowers Avangard
Women's evening dress in blue color with large flowers Avangard
Women's black dress with blue jacquard decoration straight Avangard
Women's checkered dress with sash decoration and pearl buttons Avangard
Women's fine check dress with wide decoration Avangard
Rochie eleganta de dama intr-un imprimeu diferit cu efect bolero Avangard
Women's elegant print dress with long sleeves Avangard
Women's Pipit Evening Dress with Satin Ribbon Avangard
Women's elegant lace dress 72341-202-970
Women's lace dress in black and white 72140A-979
Elegant designer dress in red flower print 10100
42 44
Women's Denim Dress with Lace Top Avangrard
Women's Formal Dress with Lace Top Avangrard
Women's elegant lace dress in powder color 72140-771
Elegant dress with floral motifs with lining 72141K-711
Elegant women's dress in blue flowers 72313-410
Women's formal dress with pleats and lace top 72249-472
Elegant dress with long sleeves in dark blue and white motifs Avangard
Women's dress with pockets and pearl buttons Avangard
Women's lace burgundy dress with black lining Avangard