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Jeans dresses | page 2

Denim dresses and kits made of denim denim. Also available in large sizes.
Long denim dress with balloon skirt Avangrard
Denim dress with a straight silhouette and V-neck Avangard
Elegant denim dress with colorful cuffs Avangard
Denim dress with gold collar and edging on the sleeve Avangard
Denim dress with collar and ribbon Avangard
Flared denim dress with black leather elements Avangard
Denim dress with a V-neck Avangard
Denim dress with lace waist Avangard
Jeans dress with pockets decorated with tartan cuffs and collar Avangard
Women's jeans top-tunic with back zipper and collar Avangard
Sleeveless denim dress Avangard
Elegant denim dress with open neckline and belt Avangard
Women's denim dress with balloon cut and decorative zipper Avangard
Sporty elegant denim dress with an interesting collar Avangard
Elegant long denim dress with fringe decoration Avangard
Jeans top and trousers with leather elements Avangard
Jeans blazer and long skirt set Avangard
Denim dress - tunic with belt Avangard
Women's denim dress sporty elegant type Avangard
Women's denim dress with loose silhouette Avangard