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In our shop you can find amazing dresses with a modern design that will look great on you. Here you can find a wide variety of models of dresses - short or long sleeves, thin or thick straps, formal, casual, business or type bustier dresses. Here you can find the largest variety of dresses. We offer gowns suitable for cold days made of warm fabrics. We offer summer dresses made of light and airy fabrics. Here you can find everything you need a woman. In our store you will find many different models from which to choose when you want. All that you will find here are unique and alone. Dresses that are redlagame design, which in itself guarantee their uniqueness. You can choose from a wide range of colors. Here you can find both business and formal dresses. All in appropriate colors for the occasion. We also offer very casual and summer dresses that are very colorful and will definitely attract the attention of all on himself. We do not have to worry about the size. We have all sizes so you can choose without worrying. Constantly you can visit our category discount where you can always find something at a reduced price. The prices of the dresses we offer are low and affordable for everyone. Every woman can afford a little variety in your wardrobe. Here you can order at any time without worrying. If you want you can order by telephone from 10h to 19h. The best choice is upon us! Here you can choose quality and low price, without having to deprive yourself of one! Bg-Look is a popular online store for fashion, fashionable clothing for both women and men. Here you can find clothes for every occasion, every season, every taste. Particularly relevant in our shop is the category of ladies dresses, because it offers the most diverse models dresses. Here you can find lightweight and comfortable dresses for everyday dresses without prizramki, prizramki dresses, short or dalug sleeve dresses in comfortable casual fabrics, sheer dresses for summer or warm and cozy dresses for winter, so every day to dress shpozvolite be part of your aesthetic. Moreover, Bg-Look you can see a wide range of dresses suitable for the most important, formal occasions in your life - prom, wedding, christening, etc. Along with this, the season of proms we offer a rich collection of prom dresses in the latest fashion trends. Young ladies who love night parties, we present a wide selection of stylish club dresses, which are among the most popular models dresses today. However, regardless of what your individual style, we're sure they will find a suitable model dress, and with this and looking for her shoes, bag and accessories!
Women's elegant long dress in green and ocher 72323-531
42 44 46
Women's Elegant Short Floral Dress 72335-314
Women's evening dress in beige striped color 72106-160
Women's evening dress in cyclamen color 72107-604
Ladies elegant long flower dress 6288-219
Dark blue lace bodycone dress RUMENA
Women's black with white dots dress with scraf neck BF RUMENA
Evening dress right melange with belt 72119-486
Wide black skirt dress with white lace top BF RUMENA
Women's elegant dress in beige color with lace bands 72218-233
Women's blue lace occasion dress 72307-472
Peach formal lace dress 72139-304-374
Women's lace dress in white 72315-172
42 46
Women's dress with lace top and wide skirt BF RUMENA
Women's elegant dress powder color 72301-701
Black Elegant Dress, V Shaped Neck BF RUMENA
Black dress with lace back and zippers BF Rumena
Satin evening dress with decorative belt 72231-701-k
Women's evening dress in blue color with floral pattern 72141A-418
Stylish women's dress in beige color with blue flowers 72106-410