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Shoes accessories

In the shoe accessories category of our e-shop, we at BG-Look have included a variety of interesting complementary elements for elegant women's heeled shoes. They are interesting accessories in the form of ribbons, flowers and lace, which you can easily add to any stylish shoe to give it an even more irresistible look. Most of these accessories are interesting workmanship, resembling a pocket in which the heel is inserted, and the accessory itself as a satin or other fabric envelops the heel and the back of the shoe - in the heel, giving a unique uniqueness to your shoes. We offer these shoe accessories in a variety of colors and fabrics, and you will find a wealth in the design of the upper part of the accessory. Here you will find unique models of shoe accessories that not only envelop the heel and the heel, but also the entire foot, twisting like a beautiful ribbon with lace and glittering elements. Other models are saturated with sparkling stones on a red satin base, which in combination with clean black heeled shoes creates an irresistible feeling of style and sex appeal. For the more extravagant of you, we also offer several extremely bold models of shoe accessories decorated with lovely feathers. This model will impress you with its wild passion in black or angelic purity with white feathers. Part of the huge variety are the classic black lace and curls, delicate ribbons and flowers. All this allows you to decorate a pair of shoes with the right accessories so that they look like new, and this will help you feel the variety of the colorful day. Get an impressive and constantly new look with ease, without spending a lot of money. As experts in women's fashion, we at BG-Look know how important diversity is for women, especially when it comes to fashion and especially shoes!
Light pink and feathers shoes accessories Glezli Glezli
Shoes accessory with flower Glezli Girls
Brown frilled shoes accessory Glezli Girls
Green-purple shoes accessory with long ribbons Glezli Girls
Grey shoes accessory Glezli Girls
Blue shoes accessory with roses Glezli Girls